How Many Holes Does A Girl Have?

Though it will be a sort of weird topic for some but many people do want to know how many holes does a girl have? There is a lot of confusion regarding this in people. The reason for this confusion is that you are cannot see it plus nobody bothered to talk about it.

How Many Holes Does A Woman Have?

how many holes do girls have

There are three openings in women.

• The urethra
• The vagina
• The anus

The urethra is too small to penetrate. It is not true that women urinate from the vaginal hole, they urinate out of the urethra. If you sit down to pee you will feel as if the urine is coming out from the vagina but it is not. To see the opening of the urethral you need to open the skin of the labia minora. Labia minora is a tiny hole present above the vaginal opening. The anus opening will present below the vaginal opening that will be separated by the skin. The urinary tract infection occurs in the urethra. In the vagina, mainly yeast infections occur.

I have listed out some important things about vagina which every woman should know.

1. Your vagina does not connect to the lung. Do not get panic if you lose something in there. You can reach it and pull it out. You can think of your vagina as a sock. If you lose something in a sock, it will stay there. So, do not go hunting for a pair of pliers if you have lost something.

2. You may sound it weird, but your vagina can fall out. As older as you get, it can hang between your legs. You do not have to worry a lot about it because this problem is termed as pelvic prolapsed which can be get treated.

3. Many of you must be knowing this but, some are living in a myth of revirginized. There is no such thing like this. Once you lose it, it is gone.

4. Even if you are using a condom, you can catch the sexually transmitted diseases. It may disappoint some, but the vulva skin can touch the infections of the skin. So, be careful while choosing your partner.

5. You can compare the vagina with a bicep. Just like a bicep use it or lose it. Have a partner that will keep the healthy according to your age. It is not an issue even after the menopause. If all the things work well, you can have a pleasurable life forever.

6. The vulva of every woman is different. Some neatly tucked inside, some are short, some are long and so on. No matter how even or uneven it is, all are beautiful and is perfect the way they are.

7. Many people think of the G-spot and start hunting for it. Be patient because this area requires more time and deeper stimulation than the usual. You can use your finger to kindle the front wall of the vagina, the G-spot lives there. If you do not find, it just do not worry as you are not alone.

8. Do not let anyone pressure you in choosing the way to decorate it. It is totally your choice if you want to shave, wax, pierce, tattoo or if you want to go simply natural.

9. Your vagina does not need to be douched. It is necessary to keep it clean, but you cannot help with the smell of it. So, do not try some harmful sprays just to make it smell good. These chemicals may even cause you more problems. If you want to do something, you can try some natural remedies or products for the same.

10. It may not sound necessary to some, but it is vital to have a yearly pelvic exam. It keeps you away from the pelvic cancer. So, be safe as it is the most sensitive part of your body.

11. The discharge of the vaginal varies from person to person. Some healthy women spew out a lot of discharge which makes them wear panty liners on a daily basis. While others are bone dry. You will not get the itching, odor or burning till you are not at the risk of STD. If it is increasing day by day, consult about it with a gynecologist.

12. Do not freak out about the menstrual blood as it is supposed to clot. These clots are nothing but the pieces of the uterine lining. Small concerns are not at all a matter of concern as long as you are losing much of your blood at this time.
13. Vaginal farts are extremely normal. You may at the time of exercise or even during the sex. So, do not feel embarrassed as it is a natural process, and you have no control over it.

14. At the time of giving a birth to a baby vaginally, your vagina stretches. It is very natural but gives you a bit of loose feeling. Proper exercising can help you in a good way by contracting the muscles of the vagina.

15. Many women will become shocked after reading this point that sex should not hurt. It does for many that is why it is very hard to accept this fact. If you are one of them, do visit a doctor soon. People feel shy that why they keep on hurting themselves Talking about it with your doctor can help you out positively.

16. Safe sex includes a lot of benefits. Some of the benefits are reducing the risk of breast cancer, lowering the risk of heart disease, help you in sleep. It also improves your immune system, regulates menstrual cycles, improves your fitness. Safe sex keeps you youthful, reduce the risk of depression, lowers the levels of stress, help with any chronic pain and increases your self-esteem. As you noticed, there are so many advantages of a safe sex so stay safe and healthy with this technique.

With the help of these important points, women get to know some of the most interesting facts about their vagina and also how many holes does a girl have? As you know it is the most sensitive area, so always stay extra attentive about it.