How To Get Rid Of Stomach Cramps?

In general, abdominal pain isn’t tied to a particular condition or a region. There is a variety of reasons because of which you may suffer from pain in the abdomen. The pain in your abdomen or any part of your body is a result of your body’s natural response indicating discomfort to that region or the organs associated with it. The pain is caused by certain hormones released by the body at the time of distress. So, where does stomach cramps come from? Your abdomen is not just made of one particular organ; it is a compact arrangement of multiple organs each having its purpose with the stomach being one among them. So when one of these organs endure discomfort, they project pain. Knowing the approximate location of the pain can help you identify the possible cause. For instance, the pain in the lower back is an indication of bladder stones. I will be shedding light on the common causes of stomach cramps and what you can do to overcome the pain.

how to get rid of stomach cramps

Stomach Cramps Can Occur Due To Indigestion

It is among many common causes that need not require you to panic. If you had a gassy meal or any food that is greasy and not stomach friendly, it can often cause build up of gas in the intestines and stomach, when the pressure on the stomach walls rise due to gas, they bloat and cause pain. The best way to deal with this is to avoid heavy food that can cause gas build up in your stomach.


It is a stomach flu that is caused because of number of different viruses within the body that causes a sharp pain in the stomach. They are highly contagious and can occur to anyone in the world with no race or region being specifically vulnerable. The virus is more dominant in places where many people use common facilities like childcare, schools, etc. The symptoms last a few days and may disappear.

Muscle Cramps Due To Swimming Or Sports

It is possible for some sports enthusiasts to feel cramps around the stomach regions. It happens due to extreme twisting and turning of your stomach muscles. In order to prevent the cramps from occurring; it is best to know your limits and not contort your body in a way that stresses the organs inside.

Menstrual Cramp

Many women in the peak of their menstrual years have reported experiencing the cramps in their abdomen. It is non-lasting and goes away swiftly within a few days. They usually feel the pain in the first few days of the cycle and often disappear without incidence. But if you are experiencing a sharp piercing pain originating at localized points on the stomach it could be an early indication of underlying issue with the body.


Some have reported having experienced pain in the abdomen that often reoccurs in a day. It may be an indication of constipation. Constipation occurs when the stool does not leave the colon and the water from it is absorbed from within, and the hardened stool causes discomfort and pain. It is better to leave the stomach empty for a period of 6 hours to ease the condition. Having over the counter products like antacids can bring immediate comfort too.

Food Allergy And Poisoning

Your stomach is a sensitive organ and projects symptoms of the discomfort almost instantly. When there has been an incident of food allergy, it projects the response almost immediately. The body can experience swelling, pain and cramps independently or occurring simultaneously. A similar response is projected in the case of food poisoning. In the case of food poisoning, multiple organs simultaneously project the pain in response to the poison acting on the body.


Stomach ulcers can be extremely painful. If you experience painful cramps, it could also be because of stomach ulcers. They project sharp pain on the belly button. They are sores that develop on the stomach walls and small intestines. They occur when the thick mucus that protect the inner walls of the stomach lining from the acidic digestive juices reduce.  Having food or antacids can relieve the pain almost instantly. But if ulcers are left untreated for a longer time they can lead to complications.

Gastroesophageal Reflex Disease        

It is a condition that affects the stomach and the esophagus. It is a digestive disorder that causes the contents of the stomach to rise back up into the esophagus. During the normal functioning, the lower esophageal opening is a muscle that opens allowing the food to pass down into the stomach, but patients suffering from this condition experience backward flow of the contents into the esophagus due to inappropriate relaxation of the sphincter muscle. This condition that causes pain in the abdomen can be the reason of stomach cramps.

How To Get Rid Of Stomach Cramps?

There are abundant home remedies that can solve the causes of stomach cramps. After having located the point of origin of the pain, one can determine the cause and the appropriate treatment.

1. Breathing

It may sound much less of a remedy, but it is found that breathing in a focused and relaxed manner can divert your attention from the cramps. Use both shallow and fast breathing techniques and repeat them in cycles. This way you can relieve from temporary pain.

2. Sleep

It is possible to relieve from the cramps of you slept away, this way you keep your mind muted during the sleep.

3. Warm Water Bath

It is known to ease the pain if you considered a warm shower when you experience cramps. The warm temperature can relax the muscles. A similar effect can also be achieved when you use heating pads.

4. Passing Gas Is Alright If It Is Necessary

It isn’t always insensitive to allow yourself to pass gas when in the crowd. If you feel the pain is intolerable, to avoid needless complications from arising out of the situation, it is better to relieve from pain by passing gas.

5. Papaya, Pineapple, And Pomegranate

These fruits are best known to ease the pain in the abdomen when you experience discomfort. They help the muscle relax and are easy to digest.

6. Peppermint, Caraway And Ginger Tea

Consuming these teas can be beneficial to relieve from the stomach ailment. They have natural healing properties that help dealing with the cramps, bloating, gas and other stomach related conditions.

7. Rice Water

Did you know that rice water can relax the stomach muscles during the cramps? It is easier to prepare the rice water. You have to boil rice in additional water and once the rice begins to soften, drain the water separately and drink them. It will relax the stomach.

8. Club Soda And Lime

These are available at the supermarket and can used to relieve the stomach from the pressure build up. The soda can draw the gas from the stomach via burps.