Symptoms of Stomach Flu or Gastroenteritis

Hope you already go through on this topic of how to get rid of stomach cramps, now we will have a discussion about Stomach Flu or Gastroenteritis from which you can learn overall information of stomach flu symptoms, causes, treatments and prevention.

Stomach Flu or Gastroenteritis Overview


Acute gastroenteritis, more commonly called the stomach flu, can leave you ill for many days at a time. When the symptoms of the stomach flu aren’t treated appropriately although not commonly lethal, recovery is greatly stagnated. To recover as soon as possible, you have to take care to control your symptoms, like relieving the pain, rehydration and rest.

Stomach flu is an infectious diarrhea, an inflammatory condition of gastrointestinal tract which causes diarrhea, vomiting, associated with abdominal cramping. Dehydration may happen due to huge fluid loss. Gastroenteritis usually called as stomach flu bug, or the stomach virus. It’s not related to influenza, but it has additionally been called as stomach flu or gastric flu.


** Viral:

Flu symptoms in kids commonly caused by Rota Virus infection.

Flu symptoms in kids commonly caused by Rota Virus infection.

Rotavirus infection or Rotaviral diarrhea is the most common cause for the flu symptoms in children beneath the age of 5 years and 3 to 15 months old, which can typically symptomize by watery diarrhea, vomiting along with fever and abdominal pain. The stomach flu symptoms by the rotavirus infection in case of adults are lighter, although it may also infect the adults who come in close contact with an infected kid. In America, symptoms of the stomach flu by rotavirus infections are most frequent from November to April.

Adenovirus mostly infects the children under the age of two years. Only one strain of the 49 types of adenoviruses, can impacts the GI tract and causes diarrhea and vomiting. Symptoms will -appear within a week after the exposure. Adenovirus infections can happen all the year round.

Caliciviruses infected symptoms has no age variation. There are 4 types of viruses present in this family, and the noroviruses are mostly responsible and frequently occurring epidemics of Viral Gastroenteritis. They are more frequent from October to April. The infected folks experience vomiting and diarrhea, exhaustion, headache, and sometimes feels muscle pains. Within 1 to 3 days of exposure, the symptoms appear.

Symptoms of Stomach Flu

Astrovirus infects mostly the young children and also the elderly people. This virus mostly active in the winter days. Stomach flu symptoms appear within 1 to 3 days of exposure of astrovirus.

** Bacterial cause:

By Campylobacter jejune.

** Parasitic cause:

Like Giardiasis. Less common cause.

** Transmission:

Disease can be transmitted by ingestion of improperly cooked foods or unsafe water or in intimate contact with the infected people.

** Non infectious


Symptoms of Stomach Flu

* Abdominal cramp along with both vomiting and diarrhea

* Additionally be related to high temperature, headache, tiredness and muscle cramping

* The bloody stool has been seen in bacterial kind.

Kids suffered from rotaviral diarrhea, usually fully recovered within a week after infection. Nevertheless, in poor nations severe disease treatments cannot always possible and diarrhea is persistent. So that the complication resulting from this severe, persistent diarrhea, the dehydration is also a very common problem. And a considerable level of dehydration, may developed a prolonged capillary refill time (CRT), poor skin turgor or the degree of skin elasticity is very poor, and a child probably breathe abnormally. Repeated infections are commonly seen in places where the people live with poor hygiene and suffering from malnutrition, long-term developmental delays can result from this.



Gastroenteritis is clinically diagnosed by basing on the symptoms of a person.
Yet, stool culture can be done in individuals with bloody stool and for the people who might happen to be exposed to food poisoning.

Stomach flu treatment or you can tell the management on stomach flu

** Dehydration control: Be sure you are drinking a lot of liquids! Fluid replacement is very important when you have the stomach flu. The clear liquids like water and broth are mostly suggestable. Old children and grownups can also have the sports drinks to aid through the stomach flu with electrolyte replacement. Also ginger or any herbal tea like mint, chamomile, cinnamon tea and plain soup, coconut water can definitely help you to re-energize yourself.

A cup of ginger tea can refresh you from any unhappiness.

A cup of ginger tea can refresh you from any unhappiness.

** What you have to eat: The simple “BRAT” diet (bananas, rice, applesauce and toast) you can use to soothe your bellies. They also replenish the lost nutrients during the stomach flu.

Bananas: Bananas are rich in potassium, which you may need when you’re dehydrated from vomiting or diarrhea. They also have a lot of sugar, so you get calories in a time when you’re unable to eat much.

Rice: Rice, alongside other starchy foods such as oats and potatoes, helps having a great soothing effect, easy the digestion and coat the lining of the stomach.

Applesauce: Applesauce is usually favorable for the belly because it’s easy to digest, relieves the diarrhea, and supplies calories. Apples consist of pectin (particularly in the skin), which may supply roughage in case you are constipated.

Toast: Toast will not cause any acid reflux in the stomach, so you’ll feel much better by having this. In addition, it does not sit in the gut like a high fatty meal, which would make you feel incredibly uneasy. But if you can please leave the butter and jam until you are feeling better off.

** What you should not take: Avoid any kind of alcohol or soda or caffeine. Avoid the greasy and oily foods.



One can prevent the stomach flu symptoms by drinking clean water, washing hands with soap and breast fed the babies rather than utilizing any formula. This process should applies especially where hygiene and cleanliness are lacking. The rotavirus vaccine is highly suggested for the majority of kids.

Latest News Flash: Along with its alloys, copper itself destroy ‘stomach flu’ virus

Metal surfaces made by copper can ruin one of the reasons for gastroenteritis, human norovirus or ‘stomach flu virus’, has found in a new study. Copper containers or utensils made from bronze and brass as well as doorknobs or handrails with such surfaces could help kill off the virus which will be an international scourge. The research was published online in Environmental and Applied Microbiology, in a journal of the American Society in Microbiology.